No Win No Fee Solicitors Birmingham

We are your best choice of solicitors in Birmingham for any claims you want to make on a no win no fee basis.

Our service is all about winning cases and bringing justice to our clients! Our office is in the heart of Birmingham, just around the corner from the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

If you are in or near Birmingham, you are probably within our radius to receive our excellent services.

Again, our expertise is all about winning cases. We genuinely want to help our clients who have been harmed from an accident, injury or some other form of damages.

The location of the damage/accident does not matter.

No matter where the instance occurred – be it on private property, out in a vehicle, in a public  place and anywhere else you can think of. All are eligible locations and we will be able to help you with a claim no matter where the damage took place.

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So have you been wronged, harmed, injured, been involved in an accident or simply think you are eligible to make a claim?

… Well then, we are the people to call!

But why do you claim this?

We can’t boil it down to one reason or one sentence. Let’s have a look at the list why we think we are the best no win no pay solicitors from Birmingham.


Firstly, you do not pay if you do not win any money!

This is known as a free roll. You can never lose in the exchange for our services. You either don’t win the case and therefore do not pay any lawyering fees (we essentially take care of costs incurred).

However, you can win money, and you could win big for the damages sustained to you.


But how do you, the lawyer, get paid then?!

For this claim, for this venture – we are your partners in the deal. The only time you ever pay us a penny is if we win your case. There are never any other costs incurred (unless specifically stated and agreed at the start of our discussions, costs will never spring up on you).

Then, if we do win the case on your behalf to win compensation, we will have already agreed to receiving a percentage of the winnings before the case starts. Everything is agreed in advance.

You only have to pay a percentage of the win, no other charges. We have to account for our time invested in the case, which adds up to a lot of lawyering hours.

No problem though, the other solicitors will have to pay for our time invested in the case! And if we lose, you are not liable for paying for our hours or the other solicitors’ hours.

No win no fee at its most pure form! We offer our no win no fee service as solicitors to estate agents, people experiencing property damage, commercial companies and everyone else you can think of.


Maxing out your claim

Winning is important to our firm. Of course, we want to win for our clients, but winning is also the way we make our living. Thankfully, our team of no win no fee solicitors are excellent at delivering that much needed win. You need it. We need it.

Better yet?!

We go further. Our consistency in winning is impressive enough. On top of that, we try to attain the utmost amounts of compensation for the claims you make.

Some other no win no fee employment solicitors throughout Birmingham are happy with small wins. Our team is conditioned to go for those big wins… The maximum.

Do you cheat then?!

Absolutely not. And we are not doing this because we want to rip everyone off and mercilessly ‘steal’ or ’take’ everyone’s money.

We are doing this because we want to get the most for you. We want to get the most for you because we feel that the money received is not always sufficient for the damages sustained.

This is even true for the maximum amount of compensation wins we get. The maximum still does not cover the damages occurred…

So we go for the maximum to at least somewhat cushion the damage sustained! Everything is still done legally – we just want the best for our clients.


Our previous successes

It is all well and good hiring a no win no fee solicitor out of a city like Birmingham to look at your case. It will not cost you a penny. Sure.

You should not just go for any solicitor though. None will cost you anything – unless they do not win you the case. You have lost your chance to successfully claim for your damages as the case will be essentially ‘closed’.

So, what you do need is a team of solicitors with a winning record.

If you hire lawyers that do not have a previous history of success could mean losing out on a claim. Yes, you will not have to pay a failing lawyer, but you will have lost out on your chance to gain.

Our group of expert no win no fee solicitors here in Birmingham, specialising in multiple fields like tribunals, housing, employment, general disputes and so on – have now made endless amounts of successful claims.

As a company we have been responsibly for millions of pounds worth of winning claims for our clients.

One of our solicitors working on a case

Why is the word winning said over and over again?

Being no win no fee solicitors is ALL about winning you your claim. That is the only way we can truly serve our clients and truly make a living for the company itself.

The only reason a client would call us to hire our solicitor services is to actually win money.

Not to give them a free crack of the whip and ‘have a go at it’ – it’s all about the win for us. That sounds ruthless, but again, we feel that a lot of the payouts do not even do your damages justice anyway.

We. Go. For. The. Win!

The other solicitors will do everything they can to protect their clients from paying you any money…

For the harm they have caused / that has been caused to you.

It is very sad that there are solicitors out there that are very happy to defend someone that does not deserve to be defended. And as for the other side, they do not want to pay you either! Even if proven they have been susceptible to your damages caused.

This is why winning is a consistent theme so far.


An easy case?

People come to us as if they have a case that is foregone conclusion. They call us almost as if the case is already solved, as if they’re calling to collect the cheque.

We can confidently say that, in all our time doing this, no case is a foregone conclusion, no case is a formality. All of them take hard work, discipline and skills to get right and win.

Remember, the other side does not want you to win even if they are in the wrong!

They will have their lawyers defending them to make sure that they do not have to pay you.

As you might expect, this turns an ‘easy’ case into a battle. Every case is a battle. No case is easily won. We just wanted to give a heads up on this so you know that there is no such thing as a foregone conclusion.

We wish it was the case, but it is not. The other side will look for loopholes, ways to make your claims and false and so on. We will do everything we can to prove that you are due the compensation you think.

Winning. That is why it is so important. Winning does not come easily in this world – but we have a record of winning, and winning the maximum.

Make sure you hire solicitors like us that can WIN cases for you to get you the compensation you deserve!


Personal injury/harm you can claim for in Birmingham

Not sure what you can claim for?

Let’s have a look through some of our most common claims that we get enquiries for.

These are also the types of claims that we have the most success in.


Harm in employment 

Our solicitors are often winning no win no fee cases focused on employment in Birmingham. With so many of us holding down jobs, it is no surprise that harm is caused in these places. You might have to go down the tribunal route or the constructive dismissal route, in which case our solicitors can help you on a no win no fee basis anywhere in Birmingham, too. 

Also, we will all spend a good portion of our lifespan in employment, so that is another reason why workplace cases always materialise.

Claiming compensation against the people that employ you, or someone in a higher position than you at work can be a really strange and awkward experience. We know as we have seen it multiple times. The good thing is that we can help you deal with this ordeal after seeing it so many times.

You should not have to risk your position at work for a claim that you can legitimately make, especially if you have been caused some sort of harm.


Medical negligence

Thousands and thousands of procedures are carried out every single day just by the NHS alone. Add all of the other organisations, including the private industry, and you’re looking at tens of thousands of procedures every single day.

Naturally, things are going to go wrong. People are going to make mistakes. As a result, it would not be a shock if something wrong happened to you in a medical setting. Unfortunate, yes, unsurprising, no.

No matter how your injury was sustained, whether through misdiagnosis, A&E negligence, surgical negligence or whatever it might be – every single type of harm can be accounted for with a claim.

So if you have been wronged in the medical world… We have guided plenty of successful no win no fee claims for professional and medical negligence.


Damages out on the road

Have you sustained damages as a result of something happening out on the road? A car crash? Whiplash? Road accidents are common.

Much like medical procedures and health related damages, we deal with these all the time. The amount of hours that the UK must amass between them is probably frightening. So, accidents and damages occur.

Not ideal, but at least you have a team like us that are experienced in working with road accidents meaning that we can get the claim you deserve.


Claims from public places 

Most claims come through some sort of public area. We spend a lot of time out and about near other people.

Harm and accidents usually come as a result of someone else so we get plenty of enquiries about claims in public places.


Private places claims  

Private and commercial places can be claimed in, too. Some people are under the impression that sayings from films like ‘this is private property’ perhaps gives them grounds to harm other people.

This is simply not the case so if you have been harmed in the private sphere… let us know!


Other cases we deal with:

Property disputes – these are pretty common for us. Although we are not conveyancing solicitors, many disputes arise in Birmingham and we are always involved in these. This can involve things like property damage, tribunals

Breach of contract – are you involved in some form of deal where someone has made a breach of contract? Breach of contract is serious and our no win no fee solicitors can help you make a claim if someone has broken any sort of agreement.

Builders – Are you a builder, civil engineer or in the trade? We help building companies with disputes and win them claims though our no win no fee team of solicitors! Disputes can and should be settled lawfully. We’ll do whatever we can to win you compensation if that is what you deserve.

And many, many more. As usual, just speak to us if you want to hear more about specific cases and how we can help you with your claim.

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Our no win no fee process

If you want the best law firm in Birmingham for winning cases, you’re in the right place.

An excellent law firm has to have an excellent yet simply process. That is what we have here.

Keep reading to see how your claim would work with us.


Speak to us

This is the first step. Just call our number to speak to one of the team to give us more details on the damage or harm sustained. Our team will be able to take your details so that our personal injury solicitors from Birmingham can review your potential claim and call you back with the next steps.

Occasionally, you might be able to speak to a solicitor on your first call. However, as you can imagine, our solicitors are often in the middle of battles to win cases, so they are not always available to speak on your first call.


Is your claim valid?

We will dig into your claim from what you have told us. If we feel that you have a valid claim, we will sort out a suitable time for you and us to meet. From there, we can discuss your claim in more detail, the scenario and so on. We need to know everything possible about your claim and how the accident or damage occurred. The more we know, the better the case we can put together for you.


Building a compelling case  

After we are confident in knowing everything there is to know about your case, the circumstances, the context etc. – we need to gather as much evidence as possible for submitting the case to make a successful claim.

Although we take the majority of the work out for our clients, you can definitely help us during this stage. Any sort of evidence you might have will indefinitely help us so we need every last thing that you might have.

This could include key dates, contact details of people involved, important documents and records etc.. What we need will depend on the nature of the accident / harm so it will become clear you can help us with.


Making the claim

When we have all the evidence we need to create a compelling case, we will put everything together and create a strong case. From there we can submit our case to the other people involved within the case.

From here, it is usually a waiting game. People have several months before they are legally obligated to respond.

The opposing side has two options: accept the claim we would like to make and either agree with the figure or negotiate a suitable payment to yourself. This is the ideal conclusion.

Taking the settlement fee has to be done lightly as, once we take any sort of payment, the case is ‘closed’. The situation will be legally resolved, even if new evidence appears that would make you entitled to more compensation.

Occasionally, you might need to appear in court on behalf of the clam. A high majority of cases never need you to come to court with us. We will only ask you to appear if it is suitable and if it will help our claim. All of this can be discussed with you when we hit this stage.


Win your claim!

It is at this stage that we will win the claim! You have told us everything there is to know about the case, the evidence was gathered and formulated into a persuasive case and it was then presented to the other side.

At the worst, we and yourself had to appear in court, but the claim has been successful. The timescale to receive settlements really varies so we cannot put a number on that now.

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Where does your service cover?  

Our company is based in Birmingham but we are open to helping anyone if we think they are owed justice for a case. As you might expect, plenty of people travel from nearby areas for our no win no fee solicitors in places like Wolverhampton, Coventry and other parts of the West Midlands.

Other areas that our no win no fee employment solicitors cover are areas like Northampton,

Due to our reputation, clients travel (or we meet them) in areas of the North West, like Manchester and Liverpool – our no win no fee solicitors are happy to help anyone anywhere.

We have even had clients as south as London, so feel free to call us if you are unsure if we would cover your area or not.