Accident Claim Birmingham

Been in an accident in Birmingham? You might be entitled to a claim. 

Ultimately, when you get unlawfully harmed, a price has to be paid. Even if the harm occurred by accident. No one was attempting to harm you but still, harm was caused and you might be able to make a substantial claim as a result.

On page we will look at:

– The typical accidents you could expect to receive compensation for. 

– Who can claim (can kids claim?)

– What to do if you think you are owed compensation. 


Typical types of accident cases 

There are loads of different accident cases that could occur. The types listed below are just a good general list. If your accident is not listed below, do not fret. 

If you have somehow been wronged, or been involved in an accident, call us to see if you have a claim that we think you could win money for. 

a court case for personal injury


Road accidents 

Road accidents are one of the most common types of accident claims. Most of us spend a decent amount of time each day and week on the road. This is regardless of if you drive. 

You might have suffered damage on a bike, motorbike, taxi, at work driving or any other examples of vehicles on the road. 

We help people that are simply injured in some way related to the road/travelling 

Road accidents are also one of the most illegitimate claiming industries out there. So many people take advantage of the legal system to make it seem like they have been involved in a claimable accident.

This spoils the chances to get a claim for people who have genuinely been involved in a road accident. Millions and millions of pounds are paid out each year through illegitimate claiming. 

So far, we have still managed to have good success for our honest clients. The industry is not quite ruined yet but the fraud involved is making this industry harder to make claims for people that really need them. 


If you are involved in a road accident: 

– Try to take any witnesses’ details including contact numbers and names. 

– Any vehicles’ number plates and insurance details.

– Contact the police if you think the law has been broken. Their involvement will help us in your pursuit of a claim (evidence).

– Go to the hospital or call an ambulance if needed. Both calling the police and calling an ambulance will not effect your chances of a claim. Make sure to stay safe and healthy as much as you can. Then we can worry about winning your claim when the time is right.


Other common examples

– Medical negligence. So many medical procedures are carried out every day. Thousands and thousands. Due to human error, things go wrong. If you have had harm inflicted on you by any means relating to the medical world, we can help you make a claim.

– Private locations. If you are harmed in a private location or a private property, we can still help out. Many think they can do ‘whatever’ on their own land but humans still have rights.

– Public locations. Much like private locations, you have rights most anywhere that you go. If you have been harmed in a public location it might even be easier to gather evidence and make a successful claim.

– Employment damages. Our no win no fee employment lawyers are always dealing with employment related damages here in Birmingham. So many of us work and things are bound to go wrong.

employment solicitors books

Who can claim?

Anyone! Virtually everyone in the U.K. could make a successful claim. Even children are able to make a claim.

Our no win no fee solicitors throughout Birmingham generally only serve the surrounding areas, but we have been involved in cases in London, Manchester and other areas of the country…

Something to consider is timescales.


How long do I have to make a successful claim

Generally, the limit is three years from when the damages were sustained or that you found out about the damages. So, you have three years from the day that you found out you could make a claim.

For children, their three year timescale only starts when they turn 18. So damages could have been caused at 15, but the person harmed would have until their 21st birthday to make a claim.


Do you think you are owed compensation?

So have you been harmed in some way? Do you think you stand a chance of winning some amount of compensation for the damages you have sustained?

The next thing to do is call our team. Our personal injury experts in Birmingham deal with everything related to personal injury 5 days a week of every month in the year. Our lines are all free and our team are happy to give you free legal advice over the phone where possible.

It is not always possible for us to delineate whether it is worth you trying to make a claim, but we can probably at least give you an idea over the phone.

Just give us all the details (e.g. what happened, what the damages were and so on). One of our solicitors will then review your case and get back to you if we think you have a strong grounds to make a claim.

We will get back to you within a few days to create an appointment to meet with you and start the claiming process!