Common Undetected Injuries People Fail To Claim For

If you have read anything we have on this site you will know that acting quickly is something we advocate. This is for two reasons. First is for your own health. Many injuries can get progressively worse if you do not act on them and see a medical professional. In one of our last articles we wrote about this in relation to concussion and how concussion can be a lot worse than it seems. To illustrate this – a concussion can go virtually undetected apart from a few symptoms. If you go to a hospital and they can properly diagnose you then you can know to rest and act in the best way given your new found knowledge.

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Another thing is, you need to act quickly on is starting your claim. Starting your claims process as fast as possible will ensure the event is still fresh in your mind among other reasons listed below.

However, what happens when the damage you have sustained does not arise until a duration after the event? We are talking weeks, months and years.

This is one of the key reasons to begin your claims process straight after some sort of event that may have caused you damage.

There can be exceptions but if you do not report some sort of incident that could have caused you big future harms, it will be hard to prove that this old incident affected your future damages. Anything could have happened since and the case that could have been related to your past damages will never have happened to prove that instance’s involvement.

Lots of injuries we deal with are apparent, happening there and then. Someone gets hit by a car, they break their arm and it is pretty clear that the collision is what caused the injury. However, there are also plenty of cases out there where the event happens and the injury does not present itself until later life. Keep a record of what happens to you! If you think it is necessary after reading this article, speak to lawyers about any sort of event that you think might cause you future harm.

Let’s have a look at some future damage cases that do not necessarily arise straight away.

Impacts to the head

Sometimes you can have some sort of impact to your head. You assume you have concussion and rest as advised. You do not get your brain tested and things seem to get better. However, just because you had a mild concussion (or even not a concussion) this does not make you safe from any future damage. Make sure you get a scan at the time to see if any damage was done and you can also get ongoing scans to ensure that you can prove this incident was what caused your ‘soon-to-be’ brain damage that you experience in the future.

Consistent impact to the head

If you do take damage to the head as described above, if you take part in sport or something else that encourages consistent head impacts – you will also not be able to claim for that initial injury. Understand this before getting involved with something like rugby, boxing or even football. We say even football because of heading the ball which has more of an impact than people think.

Mental traumas

If you suffer some sort of mental or emotional trauma, the side effects can resurface later in the future.

Our brains are very good at burying negative experiences and the trauma associated with them so that we ‘forget’ about them. However, the unconscious brain is very aware of the memories and damages incurred. If you witness something like a car accident or whatever it might be, the emotional side effects might only surface in the future.

If you are involved in some sort of incident make sure you see a medical professional. They can help you with counselling and it will also have a record of your immediate reactions to the incident which might help you to prove the case down the road.


Whiplash happens most commonly when on the road in either a car or on a motorbike. Your body is travelling at a fast pace and a sudden change in this pace can make your body jerk and result in whiplash. While you might feel fine at the time, adrenaline helps with that, the damages might start to emerge after a day or two.

If not properly diagnosed and acted on appropriately, you could see the symptoms worsen.


While the most common and known causes of cancer are things like smoking or exposure to asbestos – there are other causes of cancer. If you suspect anything make sure to get yourself checked by a professional while still associated with the environment you think could be causing the harm. It is no good trying to blame a company from 20 years ago. Proving the case is going to be extremely complicated.

If not for the compensation, speak to a professional about your health if anything. We do not want to see anyone harmed but it is always going to happen – this is why we have jobs. However, we would much prefer it if people did not get themselves into such messes. Please see a medical professional whenever you think current and or future damages might have been inflicted.

One of the most common mistakes in personal injury cases we know about is simply to not actually make the claim. Remember, you have nothing to lose. Absolutely nothing. You might have one or even multiple injuries against yourself that you can claim for. Just get in touch with the team and we would love to help out.

We are fortunate enough to have our health service paid for meaning that the appointment will not cost you. Most if not all countries abroad would have to pay for that appointment – it is free for you! Make the most of it and look after yourself.

Thank you for reading this week. Come back next week!





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