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Suffered harm or damage as a result of your workplace? Do not fret, this is common and people all over the country and receiving payment claims every single day for harm caused in their workplace.

If you have been unlawfully wronged or harmed in some way, there is a strong chance you could make a claim.

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When making a claim against your workplace, you are going to need to an experienced team. This is especially true if you are still at the company.

You do not want to risk any more complications or problems by making the situation any worse. Things an get awkward!

Our team is very experienced at dealing with employment style problems. So much so that we have dealt with endless cases of it.

Employment problems are common and our no win no fee employment solicitors are confident in dealing with any type of employment issue.

No matter which type of problem you are dealing with, we will have seen something very similar, right here in Birmingham.

Let’s have a look at a few examples of workplace damages you might experience:

Constructive dismissal – Been wrongly dismissed from work? There is a really good chance you could earn compensation. Dismissal means you will no longer be earning an income. You can claim for multiple things related to being unlawfully dismissed from work. Things like stress and damages as a result of being dismissed, then things like your loss of income on top.

Pain and suffering – If you have somehow been hurt at work, you can make a claim.

Damage to personal possessions – If something you own has been damaged at work (car, glasses, laptop etc.) you can claim for these damages. There is no reason why your things should be damaged and you not to be compensated for these damages.

Future loss of income – If you have been injured and therefore cannot work, you can claim for the loss of future income using our team of personal injury solicitors at Birmingham. You might have broken your leg and therefore missed 6 months of income that you desperately need. We can help you get this back.

Make your employment claim

Call us if you need a hand. No one should have to suffer and get nothing as a result. That is what our service is for. Just call our team to organise a free consultation with our employment solicitors right here from Birmingham.

Other types of Damages our No Win No Fee Employment Solicitors in Birmingham deal with:

Housing. We deal with loads of housing related to issues. Naturally, we spend loads of hours in homes and problems arise. Speak to our no win no fee solicitors from Birmingham for any housing related problems.

Other housing related issues our no win no fee solicitors based in Birmingham include housing disrepair and property dispute. Our lawyers deal with anything related to tenancy so just get in touch if you have any sort of housing problems.

Civil litigation – If you need someone to represent you in court or appear with you in court, our team of lawyers are happy to participate in civil litigation cases.

Family law – Problems in the family? We have solicitors on the team that specialise in family law and were taught right here in Birmingham.

And more!