Personal Injury Solicitors Birmingham

We are personal injury solicitors based in Birmingham. You can come to us with all of your personal injury claim and compensation requirements.

Our solicitors serve the whole of England’s West Midlands region, not just Birmingham.

Our service is fully comprehensive and we always do the utmost we can for you to win the maximum on your potential claim.

Our company is held in high regard – certainly as one of the best personal injury solicitors in the whole of the area.


No Win No Fee

No win no fee is the heart of what we do here. Although all legal firms in Birmingham that offer personal injury claims support also provide no win no fee, we are different.

We get wins and we go for the maximum, always.

So have you suffered some sort of damage?

Have you been involved in an accident?

Do you think you are entitled to make a personal injury claim?

… Well then, you are in the right place.


Is no win no fee the best route to take?

By going down the no win no fee route, you essentially becomes partners with our law firm. Our team is going to work with you to do their very best in securing the claim you deserve.

If you simply hired a top ten injury lawyers team in the UK like ours at an hourly rate, you would be up to your eye balls in payments before ever seeing a claim won.

It would not matter how good the solicitor is or how ‘clear cut’ the case looks.

Trying to make a claim through an hourly rate of our services is rarely ideal for anyone.

We will discuss this at the start of the deal though to ensure you get the best solution for you.

Simply taking this approach means that you can make a claim without incurring tens of thousands of pounds in time expenses for our services.

You cannot lose a single penny with us when going down this approach. It is impossible.

court for personal claims


So am I eligible for a claim?

You might be. Many people are and we would bet that thousands and thousands of claims that could be made each month are not acted on.

That is strange to us considering the cost is nil. Sure, there is time involved, but our approach is to take the time and stress out of the situation for you!

So just call the team to see if you have a claim. The person that initially takes the call will have a good idea of if you have a claim.

They will be able to give you an idea from the initial call. In any case, they will take down your details for one of our personal injury solicitors to have a look at. If we believe you have a case worth pursuing, we will get back in contact with you to begin the case.


Meet Our Personal Injury Solicitors in Birmingham!

We can either meet at our law firm in Birmingham centre or somewhere else. Some clients like us to go to their property. This is no problem for us.

And some clients like to meet in a public place. Also no problem for us.

We will do what is most convenient for you. Again, our approach is to take the stress out of the situation. In our experience, most of the people we work with have already been through some sort of stress or trauma.

We do not want to add to that by putting something else on your plate. If anything, we simply want you to not have to think about it (other than instances where we absolutely need your help)…

… And win you money you deserve!


What are common types of personal injury cases you deal with?

Although personal injury cases come in all shapes and sizes, we do have cases that appear more commonly than others. Here is a list of some of our more common personal injury / damage cases that we deal with on a daily basis.

If your injury / damages is not shown in this list, do not fret. There are so many potential types of damages and injury that we could never create a completely all encompassing list.

Just call our number to see if you might be entitled to make a no win no fee claim.



With so many of us spending 30/40 hours a week at our workplace, it is no shock that a lot of the problems we deal with are found in the work place.

Our no win no fee employment solicitors help Birmingham based workers to get justice if they have been wronged or harmed at work.

Trying to claim at the place you earn your income can be a strange experience. Fortunately, we have loads of experience making claims at people’s workplace. We can help you make a claim lawfully without upsetting people (as much as possible).

If you are entitled to make a claim, there is no reason you should not be allowed to. On top of this, if you are fired or something happens unlawfully as a result of your claim, this is just more ammo for making a great claim.

To combat potential damages like being fired, we also help with tribunals. Our no win no fee employment solicitors help employees with tribunal in Birmingham. Most people do not know where to start with a tribunal as they have never been involved in such a thing. We have, so we can guide you through this process to get the best outcome possible for your state of employment.


Property and housing

Another place that most of us spend a lot of time at is our property. As such, people are always getting into problems when buying, selling and merely living at their property.

Our no win no fee housing solicitors based in Birmingham cover everything related to housing problems and damages you might be facing.

We have seen it all. The two most common terms for damages faced in and around homes and disputes and property damage.

For disputes, our no win no fee property dispute solicitors from Birmingham help clients that have suffered as a result of: breached agreements, contract disputes and anything else where the opposing people have not upheld their end of the bargain.

We can put things into legal perspective and show you if you have a case worth pursuing or not. As ever, no win no fee, like all of our services, means that you will not be paying us anything upfront.

The other common housing problem we deal with is property damage. Our solicitors can help you with any property damage related issues in Birmingham.

Damages to your home are really common. If someone has caused damage to your property (this could be in so many different ways), call us and we will be able to tell you if you have a case to make a personal injury / damage claim.

Criminal solicitors may have to be fought against here, but that is no problem to us, we are used to it.

statue representing no win no fee


Do you offer legal aid?

In some instances we are happy to offer legal aid to those that are in need. It can depend on our availability as well as the case, but we have done it plenty of times before. Call in and we would be happy to let you know if we can proceed on a legal aid basis for your case.


The injury has happened to my child. Can we claim?

Certainly. Anyone under the age of 18 can’t claim themselves, so a parent, legal guardian or litigation friend can make the claim for them.

The compensation will be withheld until your child turns 18 (that is unless it is deemed your child requires the money sooner).

If you suffered damage as a child, you have the usual 3 year window to make a claim starting from the age of 18. This means you have until you turn 21 to make a claim.


A successful record in Birmingham

We feel we are one of the best law firms in Birmingham city centre and our winning record only reflects this statement. We are certainly one of the top 10 personal injury law firms in the area if not in the UK!

Claiming to be one of the best personal injury solicitors means having a clear focus on winning, and winning the maximum. This is what we do for our clients. As we only get paid when you get the win, you could say that winning is just as important if not more important to us.

We love to bring people to justice and help our clients, but we also like to win for our company’s sake. If anything, our clients like this as they know we have an invested interest in their success.

We have great coverage, too. Our solicitors work mostly in Sparkhill. This is where we meet a lot of clients.

Our solicitors work in Walsall too, and often as south as Redditch. Really, if a case is worth pursuing, we are happy to either meet you where you are or somewhere in Birmingham.

no win no fee hammer

What can you winning accident and personal injury claims?

We have helped clients win thousands of pounds right the way through to 7 figure paydays. Not everyone falls into the 7 figure bracket, though. Nor should you particularly want to feel in to that bracket, either.

These people have been victim to extreme damages, hence the massive payout. We often feel that when the payout is getting that large, it is because the damages caused cannot actually be accounted for, so the monetary sum becomes vast.



Most clients fall into the tens of thousands mark. This is usually a happy medium between suffering some damage (that will eventually ‘heal’ or ‘go away’) while still receiving a good amount of money that will make a difference to your life.

Still, we will be going for the maximum no matter what damages you have sustained.

How much you get will depend on how hurt you are and the effects of the damage.

You might have missed six months of work and therefore be entitled to damages money as well as money for the time missed creating income.

So if you need a personal injury solicitor in Birmingham be sure to get in contact with one of our team. We would be more than happy to help you get the compensation you deserve.